Bank Funding Reporting

Rawlinsons bank reporting/funding experience is wide-ranging.

  • In the last five years, Rawlinsons have provided reporting on projects ranging from $0.5m to $85m
  • Significant South Island Irrigation Projects, Commercial Offices, Carparks, Retail, Hotels, Motels, Warehouses, High School facilities, Retirement Village developments and Aged Residential Care.

The key people representing Rawlinsons in this sector are Mark Burrows, Director – Dunedin Office and Nick Thompson, Senior Quantity Surveyor – Christchurch Office. Registered Quantity Surveyor Mark, and Nick, are supported by our core delivery team who are all long-standing experienced Senior Quantity Surveyors and follow the Rawlinsons “no surprises” approach to financial and project reviewing.

In our opinion successful bank reporting services rely not just on ‘ticking boxes’ but on casting a critical eye over the project in question, this is where we firmly believe that experienced members of staff are involved; as their experience to sniff out potential issues at the earliest stage gives banks an early ‘heads up’ and opportunity to mitigate any potential problems.

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