Porsche showroom and service centre

Region: Christchurch

Date: Apr 2019

Approximate Value: $20m

Only 200 metres from where Alex Archibald founded his family’s Christchurch motor company a century ago, a state-of-the-art building has been completed that will house Archibalds’ exclusive new ground floor 1500sqm Porsche showroom and service centre.

Above will be three floors of medical tenancies, including the Christchurch Clinical Studies Trust (CCST) on the top floor. Archibalds Motors owner John Fairhall and Christchurch nephrologist Dr Richard Robson came up with the vision for this innovative mixed-use building some years ago. The concept gained momentum following the 2011 earthquake: Archibalds needed to rebuild at its site on the corner of Tuam and Antigua Streets and, at the same time, the area around it was rezoned as the Health Precinct. Combining high-performance Porsche sports cars and advanced medical research in one new 6700sqm building, the project was completed in April 2019. The iconic design, with its distinctively curved Porsche showroom street frontage, is by Map Architects.

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